Alex Brooks

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist  MLD UK Member DLT

Occupational Therapist 

Bsc (hons) Occupational Therapy MRCOT


Alexandra Van Hoorn - Woodfield

 Alex qualified at Brunel University, London as an Occupational Therapist in 2008. Since 2017 Alex has pursued her interest in chronic oedema and lymphoedema and in 2019 completed enhanced training to achieve the status of Lymphatic Therapist.  She is also a trained Reflexologist (level 3) and has enhanced certification in Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage.

Alex has a wide range of experience across NHS, private and community settings in both OT and MLD, including mental health, Headley Court and working with patients following life-changing trauma.  She believes in working holistically to support and guide patients to achieve their goals.  She has huge enthusiasm and passion for delivering the best client-centred therapy to Woodfield Physiotherapy Centre.

Alex is able to offer assessment, treatment and recommendations in the following areas:

  • primary and secondary Lymphoedema
  • Lipoedema and Lipo-lymphoedema
  • Chronic oedema and would healing
  • Post-surgery bruising, scar management and swelling management
  • Compression garments and hosiery
  • multi-layer banadaging and combined decongestive therapy (CDT)
  • Various equipment sourcing and provision for home adaptations
  • Manaul handling
  • Falls risk reduction

Alex accepts both private and NHS referrals for primary and secondary lymphoedema, lipoedema ad post-surgery oedema.  She has connections with the Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s) and is an authorised provider for the lymphoedema service in both areas.


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