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Winter Newsletter 2014

Keeping active as you grow older

Focus on Rika Kamper, our Nutritionist

Clinic News!
Winter Newsletter 2013 (pdf)

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Pilates and Summer fitness

Here we have articles on how to keep fit over the Summer and introduce Elizabeth Hughes, our massage and Bowen therapist.  We also have an article on Pilates by Zara Waters.


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Skiing Fitness and Knee Braces

This edition is packed with information on Fitness for Skiing, the CTi knee braces we fit at the Clinic and information on the Biomechanics Software we use to help diagnose and treat sports injuries.


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Gardening article

Find articles on preventing Gardening injuries and how to look after your feet, including tips from our Podiatrist, Sue Walker


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Latest Testimonial

“It’s always a worthwhile visit for physio, sports massage or pilates.  Friendly efficient staff.  I’ve been coming for years and will continue to do so”

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Good news for runners!

Kate and Jo have just completed a course to improve their ability to analyse running injuries and correct running gait.

If any of you are planning to run the London Marathon and are having issues with hamstring, back pain or other running injuries or would like advice on your running gate please contact us.

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Gift Vouchers available

We have vouchers available for anyone who would like to gift a course of sports massage, please call us on 01234 378996, or ask at reception for details.

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Continence Article

In our Christmas newsletter there are informative articles on what to do if you have a weak bladder and how our Continence Health physiotherapist may be able to help you.  There is also a section on how to train your Balance!

Christmas Newsletter (pdf)

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Knee Pain and Orthotics

In this edition we have articles on Anterior Knee pain and Orthotics.  There are some helpful diagrams explaining some knee anatomy and biomechanics.

Summer 2011 (pdf)

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Car/driving posture

In this edition we discuss the best driving posture, and some points to consider if you are buying a car.  Leni Kamper, our sports massage therapist has also written an article on sports massage.

Autumn 2011 (pdf)

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