Biomechanical Analysis


We have recently updated our gait analysis system at Woodfield.Β  This allows us to perform a more indepth analysis of your walking, running and general movement.Β  Gait analysis uses multiple video cameras to assess your walking and running motion, allowing us to measure your joint’s movement using the latest two-dimensional videographic programs.

This provides intricate information, often invisible without slow motion replay, from which accurate diagnosis and treatment may be made. These tiny asymmetries can often be the cause of a multitude of injuries or pain, and identification of which are essential for treatment and prevention.

If you are either interested in knowing more about your running, how to improve it or simply suffering from pain whilst moving, this system can identify and treat problematic gait.

Each session is accompanied by a written report, explaining what was observed and what can be done to help correct any issues that may be apparent. Do contact the clinic on 01234378996 if you’d like to know more about our biomechanical analysis services in Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire or to book an appointment.


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