Continence Physiotherapy

specialist-therapy-bedford We offer a range of women’s health services at our physiotherapy clinic in Colmworth, situated close to Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire.

This service is offered by our specialist physiotherapist for those suffering symptoms of bladder or bowel incontinence, as well as treatment to pregnant women experiencing pain or pregnancy related conditions.

Common problems treated include:

  • Urinary incontinence in men, women or children
  • Bowel urgency
  • Back and Pelvis pain during pregnancy
  • Female sexual dysfunction following childbirth
  • Incontinence following surgery, for example prostatectomy,
  • Hysterectomy or 3rd degree tears.
  • Advice and Exercise during and after pregnancy

Hormonal problems, skin issues, thinning hair or weight issues, may be treated using Nutritional Therapy. 

For further information do contact the clinic on 01234 378996 or email Yegs directly on

Meet our Practitioner

Yegandree Gounden BSc MCSP Physiotherapist

Rika Kamper BSc BANT , Nutritional Therapist


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