David Shepherd

Sports Massage Therapist

BSc Sports Therapy, University of Bedfordshire

David Shephard

David is a sports therapist and has qualifications in Massage Therapy including Sports Massage.  He has a comprehensive understanding of the body’s biomechanics and injuries.  He uses a variety of soft tissue techniques to suit the individual needs of his patients.  He can also provide strapping and taping techniques as well as video gait analysis and ultrasound.  He has recently completed his dissertation on the use of diagnostic Ultrasound, so regularly uses this in the management of his patients.

Aside from Sports massage, David is a coach, player and line judge in Badminton, which he is involved at National level.  He even carried the Olympic flame and has the accolade of being the youngest line judge at the London Olympics! He has an impressive understanding of the demands of sport and the use of massage therapy for both athletes and less active people. David also volunteered for the Massage team at the London Marathon 2015.

David is now studying a Masters in Rider Therapy which will further his knowledge in the field of lower back pain and postural correction amongst horse-riders.


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