Hannah Barbour

Hannah Barbour BSc (hons)

Chartered Physiotherapist

Hannah has been a qualified Physiotherapist for 13 years and brings with her a wealth of experience.Hannah Photo - Woodfield

She has specialised in Manual Therapy and Acupuncture for nearly a decade.  She has always sought to further her professional knowledge, and undertakes regular CPD, most recently in the management of pain arising from the Myofascial system.

Hannah enjoys helping to ease the aches and pains that people experience, as well as helping them to learn about the complexity of their own bodies.  She says “beyond treating your existing discomfort or pain, I like to address the causes of injury to build a stronger, fitter ‘you’ “.

Aside from Physiotherapy, Hannah packs a lot in- she is involved the Box End Water Sports Park and mother to seven year old Oliver and one year old Lucy.



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