Mindfulness is about learning to focus on the present moment, tuning into what is happening in our minds and our bodies. The most recent scientific research shows that our brain can grow new neurological pathways through the practice of mindfulness and these pathways give us emotional resilience.

Mindfulness helps people to learn more effectively, think more clearly, perform better and to feel calmer and less anxious. It now forms part of mainstream stress and pain management as well as a variety of other contexts including cardiology, oncology, mental health and sports performance.

Annabel runs a mindfulness sitting group at Woodfield and also offers occasional taster sessions for those who are interested in finding out about it.

She says ‘Learning and practising Mindfulness has made a big difference to me, and helps me both to appreciate more all the positive things around me and to manage the challenges that we all face in our lives sometimes. I really enjoy teaching it at Woodfield and seeing the impact it can have for members of the group.’

Feedback from participants

 “For me personally, the Mindfulness classes with Annabel have given me the tools to cope with stress, to let go of repetitive negative thoughts, but mostly to savour the beauty of the present moment”

“The classes with Annabel are interesting, fun and varied”

“Since I began mindfulness I have begun to take a different perspective on things such as pain and stress and it’s given me techniques to cope with these better. I know that I take more notice of my surroundings and how I’m feeling and this gives me a real sense of calm and peace”

Meet our practitioner Annabel

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