Nutritional Therapy

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Are you-

Tired all the time?
Worried about your weight?
Stress ruling your life?
Anxious or depressed?
Mood swings?
Period problems?
Prostate pestering you?
Frequent colds or infections?
Bloated after eating?
Some foods don’t agree with you?

Nutritional therapy is a holistic approach to help the body heal itself naturally by dietary and lifestyle modifications.  It is the application of Nutritional Science to promote health by supporting the body’s various systems, for example the digestive, immune and nervous systems, recognising the link between symptoms and nutritional imbalances. It works well alongside conventional medicine however is not a replacement for medical care.

Whether you have an underlying health complaint such as low fertility, auto-immune disease or chronic problems such as high cholesterol, our Nutritional Therapist,Rika Kamper, can help you. A consultation entails an indepth analysis of dietary intake, family and health history. She will then work with you to customise your diet to optimise your health and well-being. She also offers follow-up appointments to ensure ongoing management of your condition. To book an appointment or any for any more information please contact us at the clinic.

Rika Kamper is a Nutritional Therapist and offers appointments for all aspects of nutrition at the clinic near Bedford, St Neots and Huntingdon.

Here are some recent comments from clients:


“I consulted Rika earlier this year having suffered bouts of diaorrhea and constipation.  Her advice led to me having a much happier ‘tum’ and increased energy.  Four months on and the symptoms have not returned.  I benefit daily from her advice.  Thank you Rika”   Kathryn from Bedford

Female Hormones

“After coming off the Contraceptive Pill having been on it for 10 years, I had not a period in a year.  I sought advice from Rika to look at my diet and suggest anything that I could add to achieve a hormone balance. After a month changing my diet and supplementing it with specific seeds to boost my progesterone and oestrogen levels, I have had a period! I will continue with the seed rotation to ensure regularity.  A huge thank you to Rika for her advice and education to enable me to make nutritional changes to benefit my health” Louise from St Neots

Weight Loss

Having been treated in the past by Kate at Woodfield Physiotherapy, I knew it was a place I could trust when I had a weight problem.  I began seeing their nutritionist, Rika Kamper, who has a lovely personality, and she really knows her stuff!  I had tried every diet going but always put the weight back on.  So, following the completion of a pre-appointment questionnaire, Rika took the time to explain thoroughly how the body uses food and where my weight problems stemmed from.  It all made perfect sense and I felt very confident in following her advice about what I should be eating.  I am now losing weight steadily – it’s not a quick fix – but once I reach my goal weight, I won’t be returning to old habits.  I now have the confidence and the knowledge to solve my weight problem, permanently! Sue from Huntingdon


For more information about our nutritional therapy or to book an appointment with a nutritionist do get in contact with our centre in Bedford, close to St Neots and Huntingdon on 01234 378996.




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