Occupational Therapy

Woodfield Physiotherapy offers Occupational Therapy services from Alex Brooks, our highly experienced, state registered Occupational Therapist (OT).

Alex’s role is to help build, regain and maintain your activities of daily living (ADLs). She can support you during times of change (both short and long term) when you may need guidance and information to function as safely and independently as possible.

Alex has experience in treating the following conditions, to name a few:

Long term conditions – Recurrent falls, Issues with Mobility and Transfers, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Diabetes, Spinal cord injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic brain injury, Stroke, various mental health conditions, people with Life Limiting Illnesses and those experiencing Chronic pain or Fatigue.

Short term impairments – Deterioration in mobility, transfers and function, loss of strength, confidence or a specific ability following an injury, surgery or a fall.

Alex will complete a thorough initial assessment in the most appropriate setting for your specific needs- this will most likely be at home.  She will discuss your current difficulties, previous medical history and consider your activities of daily living, leisure tasks and life roles. This will enable her to create a bespoke treatment plan or make appropriate recommendations regarding equipment, aids or exercises.

During her visit she may ask you to perform mobility or a functional task such as meal preparation to see areas of potential adjustment, adaptation or improvement.  She may request that you have a family member present to discuss any of their concerns.  People have previously found this to be of benefit as it can assist you to recall the information and advice given to you later.

Alex can provide you with a report following her initial assessment. This can be used as a baseline to monitor and review your progress as well as record her recommendations. If you require follow-up sessions or the provision of equipment, future visits can be scheduled to a time which is most convenient for you. Alex is a private OT therefore can respond to your enquiries promptly, offering a desirable service in times of immediate need.

Your Home Visit may include:

  • Falls risk assessment
  • Provision of equipment and aids to facilitate independent living and reduce falls risk
  • The use of cues and aids specific to cognitive impairment
  • Exercises to improve general mobility and activities of daily living
  • Specialist seating, pressure relief and posture analysis
  • Manual handling assessments
  • Hoisting and specialist transfer equipment
  • Assessment of home or work environment including ergonomics
  • Planning and preparing for areas of potential problems in the future
  • Fabrication of splints, provision of aids and treatment regimes, specific for hand therapy

Please feel free to contact the centre on 01234 378996 or email us on info@woodfieldphysio.co.uk for further information or to arrange an appointment. We are conveniently located close to Bedford, St Neots and Huntingdon.

Meet our practitioner Alex Brooks

As well as being a very experienced OT, Alex also practises Manual Lymphatic Drainage at Woodfield Physiotherapy.





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