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Our physiotherapy centre offers a range of treatments including sports massage. We’re based close by to Bedford, St Neots & Huntingdon.

Sports massage can help promote flexibility, reduced muscle tension and prevent injuries. The treatment is tailored to each individual’s requirements and is proven to be beneficial in treating joint and muscle pain, soft tissue strains and sprains, muscle imbalance and poor posture. It is an essential part of keeping your body in good working order. It helps to increase flexibility, enhances power and endurance.

For sportsmen, it is an essential part of any training program. It can help faster recovery from microtrauma sustained during workouts and ensures faster recovery time through promoting circulation through muscle tissues, reduces muscle tension and cramping following an event. David Shepherd, our dedicated Massage therapist, also offers pre and post event massage to help preparation and recovery from sporting events.

Sports massage is not just for sportsmen; daily stress can cause muscles to become tight, fatigued and painful. Massage can be targeted on these areas, ensuring immediate relaxation. Massage can successfully treat chronic and referred pain with the use of a variety of techniques.

Their massage repetoire also includes Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point therapy which treats highly sensitised localised areas within muscles. This is a deeply relaxing treatment and is especially beneficial for migraines and headaches, arthritis and chronic pain as well as being beneficial for sporting injuries.

Treatments last one hour and your first treatment includes an initial consultation lasting approximately 15 minutes followed by massage therapy for the remainder of the hour.

For further information or to book an appointment, please call us on 01234 378996 or email our clinic is based in Colmworth, conveniently situated close to Bedford, St Neots and Huntingdon.

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