During this epidemic, all elective surgery such as knee replacements has been cancelled.  For many, this means having to unexpectedly persevere with painful knee arthritis.  With exercise now even more important for our wellbeing, many people are struggling on in pain.  However, we are able to offer a solution with the Ossur Unloader X knee brace.  If your OA is confined to one compartment of the knee (unicompartmental) the Ossur Unloader X brace may be appropriate for you.  It is a low-profile, comfortable device which can be worn for all weight-bearing activities and gives immediate relief from pain.   Usually a fitting would take place in person, however being in exceptional circumstances we have now received training in performing a virtual consultation and fitting.  Cordelia would be delighted to talk to anyone interested and can advise you regarding your suitability for the brace.  Newly launched in 2020 it is the most lightweight brace on the market and offers hope to many of being able to fulfil their potential in less pain.  https://www.ossur.com/en-gb/bracing-and-supports/knee/unloader-one-x