Greater Trochanteric Pain – What is it?

Greater trochanteric pain syndrome is an umbrella term to describe pain on the outside of the hip of unknown origin. Symptoms of pain on the outside of the hip and/or buttock area, often radiating down the thigh, are usually aggravated when standing on that leg or when pressure is put on the tissue in that area, such as when in side-lying. It is most commonly seen in women over the age of 40 and has a substantial impact on sleep quality, physical activity and quality of life.  

What is causing it?

We say that the origin is unknown because there are a number of structures which can cause pain in this area: tendons, bursae (fluid-filled sacks which acts a cushion to reduce friction between tissues) or the hip joint itself.  We can’t always know without further investigation what tissues are causing the pain however a good physiotherapy assessment will be able to narrow down the possible causes. The routine evidence-informed approach to manage this gluteal pain involves a programme of carefully considered exercise and advice which can be provided by a physiotherapist.

What can I do?

If you are suffering with pain in this area which is disturbing your sleep and affecting your everyday activity, pick up the phone and call us to book a Physiotherapy assessment.

Our physiotherapists can assess your hip pain to determine the probable cause and advise you on how to reduce activity levels appropriately and how to gradually increase exercise, loading the muscles in the right way as pain allows. Should your symptoms require further investigation we have strong contacts with local Consultants who can assist us to confirm or eliminate other diagnoses and help guide further management.

A great way to manage this problem longer term and to reduce the likelihood of it reoccurring it to attend a regular Pilates class. You can talk to your physiotherapist about this and the classes we offer at Woodfield.

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