Claire Darlow

Claire Darlow is a Pilates teacher and Holistic Core Restore Coach@ in Bedfordshire.  She has specialised in Pilates for lots of different populations, also pelvic floor and core restore programmes for the past 20 years.  Her love of Pilates began when training as a dancer in London in the late 1990’s.  She has trained with various different schools of Pilates such as the Pilates Institute, Polestar Pilates and Body Control.  She is currently the qualifications manager for Body Control over-seeing the teacher training program and qualifications.  Claire is also a qualified tutor, assessor, internal and external quality assurer where she has worked for many of the leading training providers and awarding organisations in the UK and Europe.

Claire recently moved to Potton, where she has established PilatesWorks, group classes including “mixed ability”, “improve mobility Pilates” and “high intensity Pilates”. She also has “holistic core restore@” programmes specialising in pelvic floor and core exercise.  Claire is qualified and has experience working with many populations/ conditions including Osteoporosis, arthritis, Pre/post natal, low back pain, joint pain and limited mobility, pelvic floor dysfunction and many more.

Claire prides herself on offering expert teaching, ensuring clients understand the exercises to get the best out of her class.  She is a very hands on teacher observing closely and correcting with verbal, visual and tactile feedback to ensure all clients have an excellent Pilates experience.  Many of Claire’s clients don’t just comment on the physical benefits of her classes but also the positive mental aspects and how good they feel afterwards.

Claire is thrilled to start teaching at Woodfield Physiotherapy Centre and looks forwards to working with all the current and new clients and to help develop the Pilates offering further with her expertise and experience.


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