Our Charges

The cost of living and running a business is rising at an alarming rate and we are all learning to live with inflation. Our supplier and energy costs have risen substantially however we want to continue to support our staff, keep the business sustainable, whilst also delivering the high quality service our patients have come to expect from us at an affordable price. This does, however, create a challenging business and employment environment.

We believe it is too onerous to ask our patients to shoulder the burden of one large fee increase this year, therefore our plan is to undertake small, but regular fee reviews over the coming period and, as necessary, make smaller but more frequent fee changes as the economic situation requires. This will allow us to monitor the business costs in real time, ensure we are able to support our staff and keep any necessary rises moderate and fair.

This may mean it is possible that in any course of treatment, a client may experience one (or for a protracted course of treatment, potentially two) small fee increases, for which we ask your understanding. We feel this is a fairer strategy for all concerned and are hopeful that as the economy settles, the frequency of any changes will reduce. We also offer several specialist physiotherapy services, such as Vestibular Assessments and physiotherapy for Women’s Health, which are likely to rise in price due to the requirement for continued highly specific training undertaken by the therapists delivering that service.

Thank you for your continued support of Woodfield and your trust in us to be fair and honest with you at all times.

Should you wish to contact to us regarding this new policy, please email us at info@woodfieldphysio.co.uk

The following charges are effective from 8th April 2024:


Assessment (45 mins)


Follow-up (30 mins)


Women's Health Specialist Physiotherapist

Assessment (60 mins)


Follow-up (45 mins)


Chronic Pain Specialist Physiotherapist

Assessment (60 mins)


Follow-up (45 mins)


Sports Massage

1 hour


Podiatry/Foot care

30 mins


15 mins


Nutritional Therapy





K-laser Therapy Session
(following physio assessment)

15 mins


(Yoga/Senior Circuits)

50 min class


Pilates Classes

50 min class (44 weeks); online library access; initial physiotherapy assessment & annual one-to-one review.

£46.50 per month

Home Visits - Call for details

30 mins - 1 hour

£130.00 (depending on location & duration)

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