Clinical Pilates is a form of exercise that is focused on injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Classes focus on core stability, joint mobility, posture and overall fitness and are run by qualified physiotherapists or experienced instructors who have undergone further injury management training, so all class participants will benefit from a more physio-led approach which aims to give individuals recovering from injury, pain or managing an ongoing condition the confidence to exercise.

We offer Clinical Pilates for all ages and abilities: for beginners and for those more advanced. Our experienced Physiotherapists will assess your needs and abilities before you start, to ensure you slot into just the right class for you.

Classes at the clinic are hosted in our beautiful studio in groups of just 8 people emphasising individual attention to help you achieve your goals. The class dates can be accessed here.

A subscription of £46.50 per month will give you access to a guaranteed place in the weekly class of your choice, an Initial Assessment (with an annual review of your progress), plus access to all our online content (you will only be able to see this once you have subscribed). This subscription can be set up by standing order directly to our Bank account, or by selecting any of the courses below, where you will be directed to register and input your card details. (Please note that registering for any one of the courses below will give you access to all of them).

Full information on Clinical Pilates at Woodfield can be accessed here.

Please contact the clinic on 01234 378996 or for more information, or to book your private Clinical Pilates consultation.

Monthly Subscription

Fundamentals of Clinical Pilates

This course will take you through the key elements and foundation exercises used in Pilates to give you the base knowledge and skills required to participate safely and effectively in classes.

Monthly Subscription

Gentle Pilates

Gentle Pilates classes build on the fundamentals at a lower intensity and slower pace. They are designed for beginners and those that have movement limitations.

Monthly Subscription

Intermediate Pilates

Intermediate Pilates classes are for those people who have some experience of Pilates and who are able to comfortably increase exercise intensity and level of challenge to the foundation exercises.

Monthly Subscription

Advanced Pilates

Advanced Pilates classes are for those people who have consistent experience of Pilates and are able to work at a sustained higher intensity of exercise and can work in positions of reduced stability.

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