Chair-based ‘Strength and Balance’ Pilates/Yoga

We now offer a physio-led ‘Strength and Balance’ Pilates Class, every Thursday at 11.30am, specifically for those who find it difficult to get on and off the floor. The class still focuses on all the fundamental elements of this type of exercise: improving posture, strength and balance but carried out in standing and whilst sitting on a chair.

Class sizes are small enabling exercise to be tailored to your level and are carried out by one of our physiotherapists, Dido Gyles who is a qualified Yoga teacher. In this class she utilises all her skills as a class teacher, Yoga practitioner and musculoskeletal physiotherapist to provide particiants with a high quality exercise class in a safe environment.

We offer an introductory package of 2 classes for £12 (the price of one class) so you have a chance to try out the class, meet the physiotherapist and other participants and make sure it is the right class for you. Call us on 01234 378996 to find out more and book your place. You are welcome to call us and discuss with one of the physiotherapists directly to find out whether the class would be suitable for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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