Clinical Pilates for 2024

If you are thinking of taking some time out for you in the New Year, and wish to improve your mobility, fitness and core strength or to assist with another lifestyle goal you are working towards, then Pilates could be for you.

We offer Pilates classes for everyone: those who are more experienced and are confident in their movement as well as those who are complete beginners or may have muscle or joint problems and experience pain or fatigue.

We would love to tell you about our Pilates classes at Woodfield. With classes recommencing on 8th January 2024 it is the perfect time to for you to start prioritising your own health.

We run different levels of classes here at Woodfield. The programme is Physiotherapist-led so if you are returning to exercise following injury or an operation this could be great for your rehabilitation and restoration. Alternatively, we also cater for those seeking a fitness approach with some great faster paced classes run by Natalie, one of our fantastic Pilates instructors.

A bit of background…

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, initially as a method of exercise to maintain physical and mental health during the first world war. It involves core stability, strength, flexibility, muscle control, posture and breathing. It has been adapted in different ways over the years, but the foundations remain the same. At Woodfield our aim is to tailor Pilates to your needs, whether that is for fitness, mental health or rehabilitation following an injury.

Our instructors….

Most of our instructors are APPI trained, which was created by physiotherapists in Australia. APPI has specially created a modified version of traditional Pilates to ensure it is accessible for many and doesn’t place to much demand on the body straight away. This is important if you are returning to exercise from injury/illness or after an exercise break.

How does it work?

We operate a simple subscription-like system, where you pay £46.50 a month and you can join at anytime. This includes your place in a class every week; the initial one-to-one physiotherapy session to introduce you to Pilates and set personal goals; and unlimited access to an online library of recorded Pilates teaching (such as a reminder of the fundamentals of Pilates; warm-up sessions, short relaxtion or stretching exercises, even full classes in case you have to miss a week).

After feedback from our clients we have increased the number of classes we are running in 2024. We now run our classes for 44 weeks of the year and the calendar of class dates is published well in advance so teachers and participants can plan ahead.

Should you need time away from your class, such as for a holiday or surgery, we can freeze your subscription for £15 a month for up to two months of the year and you can still keep your place in your chosen class.

All new Pilates clients will receive an initial consultation with one of our specialist Physiotherapists to:

  • conduct a physical assessment to identify any limitations to movement
  • produce a set of personal objectives
  • teach the fundamentals of Pilates
  • ensure you attend an appropriate class for your ability
  • trouble-shoot any concerns you may be experiencing.

Classes are run in our dedicated Pilates/Yoga Studio and have a maximum of 8 participants to ensure the instructor can continually monitor your technique in order to correct, progress and regress exercises as required.

Please contact the clinic on 01234 378996 or e-mail for further information on the programme and how to book in.

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