Get active with ‘Senior Circuits’

Being more active can help boost your energy, maintain your independence, protect your heart and manage symptoms of illness or pain. Staying active not only benefits you physically but also improves your mental health and enhances your mood.

We offer specifically designed classes which are progressed at a level to ensure everyone will move forward together at a safe and enjoyable pace.  Each session is tailored to the needs and abilities of the group and takes into account any injuries or medical conditions.

Andy Matson has a passion for exercise and fitness and, using his previous experience as a member of the cardiac rehab team at Papworth Hospital, he brings a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm to the classes.

We run 6-week courses, places are limited. The course cost is £72 for 6 sessions. Please call us on 01234 378996 to find out details of the next course and to book your place.

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